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September 10, 2020 1 Comment
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Why are coloring pages essential for learning? That’s a really great question! Coloring pages go beyond just being fun! They are absolutely educational! In this post, I offer several benefits of coloring pages that go beyond just giving students something to keep them busy or to just have fun. The best kind of learning is learning that is engaging and fun!

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Fine Motor Skills/Pencil Grip on coloring pages

At a very young age, children learn to grasp objects with their whole hand (known as the “unger grasp”), but as they get older and enter traditional school, they are going to need to have strong fine motor skills. Coloring is one way to help students learn how to use a “pinsor grasp”, which is necessary when using a pencil, eating utensil, playing with Legos, and manipulating other small objects. Coloring gives students the perfect opportunity to learn and practice how to properly use a utensil in order to color, eat, and play.

Hocus Pocus, Everybody Focus!

One of my favorite reasons for integrating coloring pages into my classroom is because it helps students practice focusing on one thing at a time and being able to sustain that focus for extended periods of time. It is no secret that children’s attention spans are very short, and any opportunity teachers can get to lengthen that time should be utilized.


Along with improving focus, coloring teaches and encourages students to be mindful. This means helping students learn how to slow down, quiet their minds, and be present and in the moment in order to allow their brains to catch up and have “brain breaks”, so to speak. The thinking that goes hand-in-hand with coloring is not necessarily academic, but the activity allows students to process their environment and what’s going on. This can be anything from paying attention to their feelings and their mood to helping them process a lesson you taught earlier. Giving students this time to process is key to developing the whole learner, not just the academic side.

Africa-Themed Coloring Pages

All of the reasons mentioned above are why I decided to create my Africa-themed coloring sheets for my own students. I have found tremendous success with these in my own classroom and want to share them with you. I have individual coloring sheets by country or region, but I have also bundled them to save you a little bit of money.

The bundle offers 11 fun and exciting coloring activities, and the best part is that there is absolutely no prep involved! Just print and go, and watch your students learn! These products can be used all year and can be interchanged with each other at any time. They also work well in combination with each other.

Resources Included in the Bundle:

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