Travel to Kenya

Jambo (Hello)!  Introduction I typically write about the beautiful language of Kiswahili and teaching Kiswahili, but I also want to write about traveling to the beautiful places where you can…

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Swahili Proverbs

Jambo (Hello)!  Language and culture are inherently connected, forever entwined. To study a language is to study the culture as well. To teach about a group’s culture, proverbs are always…

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Swahili Game Songs

Jambo (Hello)!  Songs and games are a part of every primary student’s experience, and are not just used in music class and recess. They can be used in all classes…

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I'm an elementary school teacher who loves what she does! I enjoy creating resources in my Native language "kiswahili". My goal is to spread the beautiful language of "Kiswahili" inside and outside the classroom. Thanks for stopping by! Read More

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