Key Phrases In Swahili

Jambo (Hello)!  Welcome to Swahili Magic! Many people inquire about how to learn Swahili or what key phrases they should know in order to converse in Swahili. So, I decided…


Africa Themed Coloring Pages

Why are coloring sheets essential for learning? That’s a really great question! Coloring pages go beyond just fun! They are absolutely educational! In this post, I offer several benefits  of…


Classroom Management

Introduction Classroom management is easily one of the most important aspects of leading a group of learners. How a classroom is organized and how student behaviors are reinforced and managed…


I'm an elementary school teacher who loves what she does! I enjoy creating resources in my Native language "kiswahili". My goal is to spread the beautiful language of "Kiswahili" inside and outside the classroom. Thanks for stopping by! Read More

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