Math Review Games: Fun and Effective Learning Tools for Students

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Elevate learning with interactive review games. Engage students in effective and enjoyable revision, reinforcing knowledge while making the study process fun

Engaging Math Reviews 

In a later post, I will offer some basic thoughts about why games and review games are so important for student learning. I would like to expand upon that and discuss, specifically, how review games can help students learn and review mathematical concepts.

Math does not just have to be about learning counting, multiplication tables, and equations. For students, it can also be about having fun, learning together, and challenging yourself to learn more and think deeper!

In an effort to engage my learners more in their math lessons and also help them prepare for assessments, I developed a series of no-prep review games that are ready to use and will help me encourage students to develop skills not only necessary for math but also skills for life.

Because I can’t keep a good thing to myself, I decided to share it with you as well!

Elementary students tend to have shorter attention spans compared to adolescents and adults. This is why it is important to make sure your review activities are short, colorful, eye-catching, and fun! All of the games below work very well with young learners and are sure to be a hit!

Play the Game of Chanice! | No Prep Math Game

Units of Measurement Review Activity | No-Prep

Word Art Math Review

Each of these products offers the following:

  • Encourages students to work together to problem-solve
  • Encourages students to work independently to solve problems
  • Activates students’ critical thinking skills
  • Asks students to make predictions and evaluate their mathematical reasoning

In addition to all of the benefits listed above, math review games help students build confidence in math, a subject many struggle with to begin with. When given the chance to repeat the tasks in each game, they are able to retain the information much easier. The more they play, the more they learn! 

If you can’t choose just one game, check them all out in the Class Games Bundle.

Additionally, review games don’t just have to be used for end-of-unit preparation for a test. Students can play review games in the middle of a lesson or unit to reinforce the skills and information previously taught.

If you’re looking for more math activities, be sure to check out these PowerPoint activities:

Math PowerPoint Activity: Multiplying 2 Digit Numbers By 11

Math PowerPoint Activity: Adding 2 Digit Numbers Fast

The great thing about these products is that you can use them for an entire class to instill community and help students build peer relationships, or you can use them in a more differentiated way by using them with only select students who need extra help and reteaching. 

Thank you so much for stopping by Swahili Magic! If you have any questions, please reach out by contacting me, or leaving a comment! Check out my Store!

Why Games and Review Games are So Important for Student Learning


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