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Engage and educate with interactive games for students. Enhance learning through fun and engaging experiences tailored to educational needs.

Why Games and Review Games are So Important for Student Learning

Games are something that a teacher can integrate into almost every lesson and subject. And it’s a fan favorite of students! 

Games Help Students Retain Information

Research in education tells us that the more times a student interacts with content and information, the better chances they have of retaining that information in their long term memory. Additionally, the more varied those activities are, further increases those chances. 

For example, if you are teaching students vocabulary, you likely have several dynamic learning activities designed to help them learn and even retain the information. Maybe they are learning not only the definition of a word, but also its part of speech, a synonym, an antonym, and maybe even a picture to help them remember what the word means. All of those separate activities will help students build their vocabulary, rather than just memorizing the definition for a test. 

Games can be one of those varied activities that allow students to work with the content, but also have fun while doing it! 

Games Can Be Used Anytime in a Unit or Lesson

Additionally, review games don’t just have to be used for an end-of-a-unit preparation for a test. Students can play review games in the middle of a lesson or unit to reinforce the skills and information previously taught. 

Who Was Your Favorite Teacher? 

Take a moment to think about your favorite teacher in elementary or primary School. What do you remember about that class? Did you have fun? Did you learn and work alongside your peers? Did you play games? 

I am fairly confident that you answered yes to at least one of those questions. This is because games do more than just review information or help students prepare for a test. Make no mistake, reviewing for a test is important and any chance you can get to make it engaging and fun for the students, the better. 

Games Help Build Classroom Community

However, games also help teachers and students .They build classroom community and Foster friendships and help students maintain healthy relationships with their peers and also their teachers

Because classroom management is so important in maintaining a positive and safe learning environment for students, I developed a few different tools for teachers, including myself, to help manage classroom behavior.

Younger learners are more visual and kinetic learners by nature, so having something that is fun and engaging is essential to keeping them focused on the objectives. Each of the products below focuses on fun review games and activities. 

Roll the Dice! | Review Game

Fun No-Prep Review Game

Class Games Bundle

The great thing about these products is that you can use them for an entire class to instill community and help students build peer relationships, or you can use it in a more differentiated way by using it with only select students who need extra help and reteaching. 

Thank you so much for stopping by Swahili Magic! If you have any questions, please reach out by contacting me, or leaving a comment! Check out Swahili Magic’s Store!


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